Much has happened in and around me since my last post. For starters: I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

I can hardly believe it myself.  When I think about how quickly things have gone since the beginning of the year and the decision to step into something completely foreign and imperative, I am amazed by the ways I can attest to the faithfulness of God.

Let me tell you how the house came about…

It was day 3 of house hunting with my realtor and friend Allen. Several houses were on the docket for the day. It was more of the same: walk in and see a hot mess and walk right back out to the car.

We saw a couple houses before THE ONE. It was night and day in comparison to all we had seen. We left to go see one more property which was definitely not it. I asked to drive by again to get another feel. The wheels of my mind started spinning. Allen noticed the change too. Our normal friendly banter back and forth was interrupted by my bouts of seriousness. He would make a funny cut and I wouldn’t laugh. I was lost in my own head.

After we drove away that second time I made the decision to move forward with it. All along I knew God would show the way. I was getting good at knowing what wasn’t it but wasn’t confident in my ability to know the right thing. I trusted Him to make it clear.

Allen drew up the contract and said he would let me know when he got a response. Nothing came in that night. I went to bed with a huge sense of peace though. No matter what, God was in control.

The next morning I went to work as usual. After a couple of massages there was a message to call Allen. A counter offer had been made. Allen suggested I take it. He didn’t want me to lose it, have other offers come in or pay more than I wanted. My gut told me to counter back. I told him I would call him back after I had time to digest all of his advice. I spoke with a couple coworkers and my mom. I got confirmation to counter back. I called Allen back with my plan and he said he would let me know.

Time ticked by so slowly. No answer came. I was getting nervous. I think I wore out the linoleum in my office break room as I paced back and forth waiting to hear something. Worst case scenarios started playing through my mind. I left work and headed home. I got a phone call around five o’clock and expected Allen to say they countered back or worse, another offer was accepted. Instead, he said I had a contract on a house. What??? They took my counter offer! I was utterly speechless. I will have to ask Allen what I sounded like because I was in complete and utter shock when we spoke. I am not at all convinced I even spoke English.

My inspection was arranged for the next week, Valentine’s Day. No major findings arose to cause a deal breaker. We sent in a list of repairs to the seller (my contract was contingent on that and two other things) and they accepted it!

The loan process got rolling and soon an email was sent to me. I printed out my loan documents to sign and return and gathered the other documents I needed for compliance. Some 80 pages later and I had a packet ready to turn in to my loan officer.

The house has now been appraised and it’s good news. Things are moving along so smoothly. Just a few more odds and ends to tie up and then I close March 21.

The real takeaway in all of this is this: everything I have been through in the last year has led to this. Without it I couldn’t attest to the faithfulness of God and subsequently rejoice in it.

For such a time as this….I look forward to completing that statement in the not too distant future. Here are some pictures.


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